The Gallup Refinery is located on 880 acres near Gallup, New Mexico and is the only active refinery in the Four Corners area. The crude oil throughput of the refinery is approximately 25,000 barrels per day.

The Four Corners area serves as one source of raw material supply for the Gallup Refinery. A locally produced, high-quality crude known as Four Corners Sweet is the primary feedstock for this refinery, although the supply is supplemented with other feedstocks from outside the area. Crude oil is either collected by a pipeline network or delivered by truck transports.

The Gallup Refinery has crude distillation, hydrotreating for naphtha and distillate, reforming for high-octane gasoline production, catalytic cracking, an isomerization unit to increase the octane of other gasoline streams that enhance high-octane gasoline production, and an alkylation unit to convert produced LPGs back into gasoline.

The Gallup Refinery’s product slate includes gasoline, diesel, propane, butane, and heavy fuel oils. The Four Corners region is the primary area for refined products from the Gallup Refinery. Other areas receiving refined product from this refinery include metropolitan Albuquerque, New Mexico and the Northern Arizona region.

Community Support

We strive to make a positive and ongoing impact on the lives of our neighbors with programs and practices that provide meaningful support to the community.

Through volunteer programs and charitable investment, the refinery supports organizations that address vital community needs and issues. We’re proud of our employees who devote their time and dollars to make the community a better place.


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